Doddle is our comprehensive, school wide method of tracking student’s performance, and supporting them to achieve their next steps.

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Doddle assesses in three steps:

Red (R) = Novice
Amber (A) = Developing
Green (G) = Secure

Collectively in the school we used the term “RAG” when referring to assessing student progress.

Doddle allows us to provide accurate and up to date information for parents and students, so that all can be informed and working to improve. Though parents being able to access their child’s doddle account, both parents and students will be able to support the child’s learning and further encourage progress.

Doddle also provides a range of resources which can be accessed by students and parents at any stage to allow independent learning as part of a pre-teaching or revision programme.

Teachers can assign both presentations and two types of tests to pupils as homework. All of them can be used as pre-teaching, securing material understanding and for revision. A general test can be assigned by the teacher to reinforce lesson content taught and a “progress test” can be assigned by the teacher to allow student progressed to be automatically assessed on Doddle. These tests can be reassigned to allow students to re-attempt when their content knowledge is stronger.

Doddle is used in lessons to provide clarity of the planned learning for the lesson, and give students the opportunity to see their progress through a range of pre, during and post self-assessments.

Doddle allows all users the opportunity to be diagnostic with their approach to general learning, so students can build a picture of their ongoing progress. It also allows targeted intervention and support to ensure no gaps in learning.

How your child accesses Doddle:

User name: NameSurname (year child started at Chessington)
Password: chessington (unless password has been changed by the child)

User name: JohnSmith18
Password: Chessington

How you access Doddle:

Step 1:
Go to Doddle webpage, scroll to the bottom and click on “Doddle parent”.

Step 2:
Create an account by entering your name, email and then creating a password of your choice.

Step 3:
Enter the 16 digit parent key provided on the front label of your booklet.

Step 4:
Confirm that it’s linked to your child’s account

Click the logo below to visit the Doddle login screeen: