Christmas Jumper Day (Friday, 20th December 2019)

All students to wear a Christmas jumper to school. If you do not have a jumper, you will need to accessorise a top with tinsel, bows, tags etc. to give it a Christmas feel.

Instead of bringing in a £1 for mufti, you are asked to donate an item to go into a hamper to give to the community. House tables will be set up at the front of the Atrium for you to place an item at the start of the day.

Suitable items for a hamper could be from the list below, just not fresh food that will go off quick:
• Food tins (beans, veg, soup, jams, sauces)
• Soap
• Candles
• Bubble bath
• Toiletries
• Food cupboard items (pasta, rice, cheese biscuits)
• Christmas items: crackers, chocolates, sweets, etc.

It would be fantastic to make some beautiful hampers to hand out to the community on the last day of term as we did last year, which was a massive success.

Thank you for your support,
Miss Ford

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