Chessington School celebrates improved results yet again!

Students at Chessington have collected their GCSE results today and the school atrium is abound with happy students and smiling parents. With English results above 70% and Maths swiftly following suit the students and staff at Chessington are very much enjoying results day yet again. The school expects again to have a Progress 8 score better than the national average and hopes it will climb even higher as other results come in.

Mr Ali Headteacher said “we are all so pleased to keep moving forward fast but most importantly to see these wonderful students rewarded for their hard work”. He also stated that “these students now have in their envelopes a ticket to a very successful life, we hope they use it wisely and we will always be here to make sure they do”.

A parent of a student in Year 11 was over the moon with her son’s results “My son always struggled at primary school but in the last few years here at Chessington the school has put in so much support and challenge. He is now really ready for his A levels in Politics, History and Philosophy and we can’t thank the school enough. Another parent added “We are so pleased with the 8s and 9s that  son got today. To be honest we still don’t quite get the new grading system, but we know that 9s are the best and he’s got a lot of them!”


Top grades for students at Chessington

Students at Chessington were also celebrating their share of the very best grades in the country. Sebastian, Thomas, Lizzie, Daniel and Daria all securing grade 9s across English Literature, English Language, Mathematics, Science, Geography and Computer Science.

Mr Ali, Headteacher stated “We are pleased for every student whether, like these students they got the very top grades, or that they made significant progress from their different starting points. Today is a day to celebrate and reflect on the outcomes of hard work by students, all at the school and of course, their supportive parents”​

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